Nina Rogoff's Insights on Sharon Real Estate and More!: August 2010

A Match Made in Heaven or How I Got Started in the Sharon Real Estate Market

Sharon, MA - Several  years back I was struggling to balance my work in corporate America with the demands of my family. The number one problem for working parents, I would guess! Long work days, and business travel would not allow me to drop off or pick up my children from schools in Sharon, MA, attend their special school events, volunteer in their schools... and more. It wasn't the way my husband and I wanted to raise our kids. I knew I had to find a different kind of work.

One of my sisters-in-law said, "You should try real estate. You're so good at making matches between people. It's the same kind of thing." Hmm...real estate. I had never considered it before.

Let me explain about the "making matches" part. Over the past 17 years, I have had the wonderful pleasure of introducing 7 couples to one another, all of whom are still married! Yup! I'm a matchmaker! It really is the most exciting feeling to be part ofFind your home in Sharon, MA the process of two people finding each other. 

Is it easy? Well, sometimes it's been easier and sometimes pretty challenging. It always involves helping the person to identify what's really important to them. Keeping them focused and on track. Not getting distracted by outside factors that aren't really important to them. It's also about being there for them to talk to at all hours of First time home buyer in Sharon, MAthe day and night, answering questions and giving reassurance. Ultimately it means helping them realize that taking the plunge from being single to being married is like suddenly jumping into the water. It gives you a nervous, fluttery feeling for a few moments but then the water feels great! There's a tremendous joy at being present to celebrate the start of their new life together.

I've come to learn that working with real estate clients is very much the same. It involves listening to them talk about what they want in a home, and what they need. It means asking questions to make sure I understand, and to help them gain a clearer vision of their future home. Since I live in Sharon, MA it also means some clients are going to suddenly drop by my house to ask me questions about the value of a home, whether I thnk they should refinance, and if I can show them the house around the corner. It means guiding them through the process of negotiating the offer, and the transaction. They can call me, and lean on me during the often stressful steps of the transaction when there may be hand-wringing, heart palpitations, and late night calls. Sometimes it even requires an emergency run to theBuy a Home in Sharon, MA local Friendly's for ice cream. Ultimately, I get the pleasure of seeing them in their new home in Sharon, where they are going to share and grow a life together. 

Who knew that a match made in heaven could wind up living in a home in Sharon, MA!  

If you want to buy a home in Sharon, or sell a home in Sharon, MA please give me a call. Sharon is my hometown. I love this community and know the real estate market and trends in Sharon, MA. I'll enjoy working with you and helping you reach your real estate goals! Who knows...there might even be a match in your future!

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